Thursday, August 14, 2014

Robert Prieto's talks

Have you wondered about Minecraft? (Or are you already knowledgeable?)
Would you like to see a year in the life of an unschooling family?

This is preliminary information—the final namea haven't settled, but there are two great sessions planed:

(In the words of Colleen:)
Robert is planning on doing a year-in-the-life sort of overview of what it looked like, for us, to follow Robbie's interests. A year's journey sort of thing, he says - or a journey of connections - along those lines. He says he can work on a formal title :-) Birding, cemeteries, Minecon, history, politics, people, etc. and how it all connected and wove together and led to a great big pile of learning and fun for all three of us :-)

And for the other, he was planning on doing something specifically related to the learning and fun that comes specifically from Minecraft.

He's going to do a Powerpoint presentation for each, with photos, screenshots of Minecraft creations, etc. to give himself talking-points, and give folks things to look at while he's talking :-
Colleens writings have enriched the discussions she's been in, increasingly over the past few years and I'm excited to finally get to meet her, and her family, and to see photos. Her husband, Robert is willing to speak, but Colleen doesn't want to. Her writing, though, is available!

Some art by Robbie (and his dad, too, on the Lego page titles):

Friday, August 8, 2014

Karen James

I'm Karen James. I like to make things ( My husband is Doug James. He works in computer graphics at Cornell University ( He also plays guitar, piano and Starcraft 2. Our son is 11, loves video games, talking about his ideas, running, jumping, twirling. He is wonderfully curious and loves life. Ethan went to a co-op preschool for a couple days a week when we first moved to Ithaca, NY. When he was done with that, he was done with school. We've been unschooling ever since with ever-growing understanding, confidence, and joy.

Karen might be there alone, or Doug and Ethan might be there too for a while.