Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lodging in Camden

In addition to Laurie's list of where to stay

When working on flights and a rental car for me and Keith, I came upon this list of places to stay in Camden, along with information about the area:

Don't gawk at the rich people's houses, and if you wait too long or can't afford the local accommodations, try a nearby town. But please don't wait too long! We're going in the same season lots of people go to see beautiful autumn colors, so reserve a room early! (And don't forget to cancel it if you change your mind beforehand.)

Monday, June 23, 2014

A quieter, gentler gathering

When people go to a homeschooling conference, it's likely there will be speakers who aren't homeschoolers and might not even know any unschoolers.

When unschoolers go to homeschooling conferences, the same thing can happen, in that even the homeschooling speakers might know nothing about unschooling.

Time to wind down slowly, and clarify, to laugh and to smile is missing from big conferences. Here, those things are scheduled. After many years of attending and presenting at conferences, I've heard many times that someone came just to hear me, or just to hear the unschooling speakers. At least half the time, too, the room I'm assigned is busy until just before time, and we have to get out quickly, or parents have to leave to get their children.

Read at the tabs above, please, and consider coming to this gathering in Camden, Maine, Friday September 26th and Saturday September 27th 2014.