Those traveling some distance might need a place to stay Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, if they want to be there for all of Friday and Saturday. As we're using a church, Sunday will be travel time (recovery, for me, probably; I can't do Day 3 very well anymore! :-))
Or it's possible that an expensive Camden place would only be necessary Friday, with something between your place and there the other nights.

Details on local accommodations are on Laurie Wolfrum's site, here:

Laurie's note at that page:
This information is for anyone who needs to find a place to stay for the ALL in Maine conference which will be held September 26th and 27th, 2014. I did my best to share the information I was told or sent, but please double check everything with the establishment you book your stay with. The fall is a busy time in Maine, so I do suggest you book early! - Laurie

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