Friday, September 12, 2014

Wolfrum Family

My husband Jim and our four children live in Camden, ME. We have an aquatic frog named Fred (named after Fred Schneider of the B52's).

Jim is a lighthouse enthusiast and history buff. He enjoys reading history books, visiting lighthouses, and taking photos of them from land, sea and air. During the weekdays, he is a pension administrator for Downeast Pension Services, Incorporated.

I have enjoyed ballet and jazz dancing since childhood and offer local dance and fitness classes. Reading, writing and walking are some of my other favorite activities.

Katie is 17 and has attended public school by choice since the end of eighth grade. She has her driver's permit, is working part time downtown and has been dating her boyfriend and best friend Zac since she was 13.

Keli'i is 13 and enjoys cooking, gaming, programming and is interested in how to create games. He's also passionate about eating vegan and how animals are treated. Li and Makana both like to play the game Werewolf with friends.

Makana is 9 and loves to play with Little Pet Shops, walk our neighbor's dog, read, skype and play Animal Jam and other games with friends.

Kanoa is 5 1/2 and is learning to swim! He loves reading certain favorite books before bed and often asks us to "make it funny!" Mo Willem's Elephant and Piggie series of books are the latest ones that he finds very amusing. He also likes to catch frogs, moths, and chicken eggs, dig up rocks, play Minecraft, play tag and pretend.

Some of the activities that we enjoy in our area are swimming at the lakes and beaches, visiting lighthouses, apple picking, biking, walking, skating and hiking. We continue to enjoy reading favorite stories aloud (right now The Land Of Stories book 3), watching Little House on the Prairie, and have recently discovered how great the Dr. Who shows are!

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