Sunday, September 28, 2014

Done! Tired.

I should have been reporting as these things happened, but when I wasn't speaking or sleeping, I was touristing. Beautiful things, beautiful places.

The library talk had a full room and they rushed us out suddenly at closing time.

The Common Ground fair had a full (overflowing) tent and no one after us so we stayed late and answered questions.

The potluck in New Hampshire would have had 35 people had not some of them had a flu, and others been afraid of that flu, so I think there were 17 people. It was plenty. :-) The food was good, and the house was great. Thank you, Susan!!

The free Friday-night follow-up offered to those who had attended the library or the fair was mostly attended by people who hadn't been to either one.

The Friday and Saturday "main event" symposium had a light group but attentive—interested and interesting people who brought good snacks and stories, and on Saturday some people cried and I was one of them, but then we kept cheering up and laughing.

We left the church cleaner than we found it, and tomorrow morning Keith and I fly back home!

Thank you for the positive feedback in person and on facebook, and please pass the best ideas on to others through example and advice!

Thanks to all who helped with set-ups and clean-ups, and who smiled at us.

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