Speakers (bio info coming):
Sandra Dodd

Laurie Wolfrum

Robert Prieto

Keith Dodd (maybe a little speaking, maybe not)
The link above is him, in the SCA; nothing super recent. We met in the SCA. There are a couple of photos of him holding Holly when she was a baby. Here he is with a related hobby, doing knotwork: knotwork and teaching knotwork one night (he's the guy in the black hat). Those photos are more what he looks like these days.
Those planning to attend are invited to share a photo or bio in advance.

Karen James (and here)

Colleen Prieto (and here)

If you send the text and photos by e-mail, I'll put them in a blog post. No one is obligated to share anything,in advance or in person!

Samples/examples from past gatherings, to give you ideas, and so you can have a peek at some other unschooling families, and into the past:
The Wolfrum family—Jim, Laurie, Katie, Li, Makana and Kanoa (From 2012, Massachusetts)

Eileen Mahowald and family, from 2012

Renee Cabatic, who spoke in New Mexico, a few years ago

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