Thursday, September 11, 2014

Robert, Colleen and Robbie Prieto

We are Robert, Colleen, and Robbie Prieto. We live in New Hampshire in a small neighborhood at the edge of the woods. We have a dog (Mo-Pug), two parakeets (Sibley and Peterson), a rabbit (Yoda), and an assortment of fish (Susur the Beta, and his trio of catfish).

Robert is an engineering consultant and Colleen is a grant writer - and we both working part-time, from home. So we get to spend lots of time together as a family, supporting and following Robbie's interests wherever they take us. Lately we enjoy (in no particular order :-)) watching Star Trek and Dr Who, going birding, wandering about in old cemeteries, reading and talking about history and "old things," spending time in the woods, spending time playing Minecraft, gardening, watching Food Network and watching House Hunters, playing Mario and other old and new Nintendo games, exploring places near and far in our state and beyond, and a bunch of other things as well :-)

Colleen loves taking pictures, so she takes lots and lots of them while we're out and about and while we're at home too.

Robert loves cooking, so he does lots of that and keeps us all very well fed.

And Robbie loves - well, he loves so many things. Unschooling has brought us much joy and good times, and we look forward to continuing along this path for many more years to come.

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